Born in northern Greece, Ilias started experimenting with the photographic medium at the age of 19.
After extensive travels in 2011 he stops his university studies and starts making pictures in an obsessive way.

Ηis main interest focuses on the basis of the current social and interpersonal issues about human nature. An approach based on Europe which started in 2012 in Greece and continues until now.
He is always questioning the body and the mind,always trying to reach and express the limits of oneself within all possible ways.

Ilias’s main series of work named "Over|State" has been shown in various international festivals and traveling shows across the world and has been featured in on-line and printed publications.
"Over|State" depicts the effort for Ilias to overcome struggles with interpersonal relationships, substance abuse and loneliness. Ilias uses his camera as a tool to observe alienating instincts and a desire for darkness – to seek the connection between darkness and light and to find a balance between the two. (2)2.jpg